Sample Projects

CAD system for Orthodonics and dentistry.
The system insluced 3D scanning, content delivery, manufacturing processes, management and billing.
Cadent was sold on 2011 for $190M
Technologies: SQL,  ASP.NET ,C# ,C++,  OpenGL,ProDC, vision and computational geometry algorithms
Task Tracker
Project and task tracking system
The system improves efficiancy and management of time and resources.
Technologies: SQL, ASP.NET, WPF, C
Lighing Measurement Analysis ISO 17025.
The system utilises image processing techniques for camera calibration and analysis of luminance in accordance to ISO 17025.
This system is used as part of IBN measurement procedures.
Technologies: Image processing, c#, WPF
Server room management system
The system enables internet base, highly interactive visual interface for server room asset management and C&C
Project site:
Technologies: MS-Sql server,, Adobe flash, Ajax
Scanning, visualization and upload
A software component published at CodeProject, with thosends of views and hudresd of downloads in the first month of publishing.
Technologies: Twain, WPF, C#,

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